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Unlimited Calls to over 30 Countries by My Mobile

My Mobile has launched unlimited calling between international countries, teaming up with the Major Telco's all around the World.

My mobile has introduced unlimited calling to and from international countries such as India, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh and Ivory Coast.

Customers are paying around 1 cent to 20 cents (USD) per minute to make international calls. My mobile has launch services where customer can save up to 90% by calling their families in countries all around the world.

This unlimited calling product does not required VoIP services, requirement of internet or any other devices. This calling service is from one GSM/CDMA network to GSM / CDMA network, thus ensuring that the customers can make calls using any phone- landline or mobile and being GSM / CDMA based it ensures quality as well.


Prepaid Mall has announced to bring point of sale (POS) devices to over 200,000 Retail out lets all over the world.

Prepaid Mall currently provides thousands of POS terminals in Asia, which are used predominantly to sell prepaid vouchers such as airtime and electricity and are identified by the BLS Approved branding.

These MCM Approved traders have historically operated on a cash-only basis.

“Over and above the estimated 500,000 shops spread across India, there are tens of thousands of small- and medium-sized retailers and service providers,” Said prepaid mall CEO, Mr. Kapadia in a statement.

“Through our partnership with Major MNO operators around the world and Major Credit card merchant vendors, we will introduce many of these businesses to the safety, security, and convenience of electronic payments, enabling financial inclusion in communities where consumers have largely been unable to use formal payment products.”


My Country Mobile has completed expansion in 17 circles of its CDMA brand Swadesh mobile in India, teaming up with the Asian country's No.2 and stepping up competition in an Worlds No.2 market.

"India has strong cultural, trade and tourism links with the Middle East/Europe/ USA and Canada markets where BLS Telecom has the its network.' Director Mr. Tai (Swadesh Mobile) said in a statement.

The company enters a world’s second largest telecoms market, which already has six mobile operators. Mobile penetration was 60 percent at the end of June 2011, according to data from the country's telecom regulator

Yet the prospects for MNOs in India are promising, according to Paul Budde, managing director of Sydney-based telecommunications consultancy BuddeCom

"There is a supportive regulator, an open market and mainstream operators prepared to work with New MNOs," said Budde. "The prepaid International calling market looks to be promising for New MNOs."

Swadesh mobile offers only 1 paisa /second to call USA land line/ USA mobile, Canada landline/Canada mobile and UK landline, Swadesh mobile offers simple per second plan without any fees.