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The IP Max phones are probably the best phones you will find anywhere. I have just recently used this phone and I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the product. My first impressions were not too good because I got my first model and it looked so cheap. That is not true though, it still has the same functions as my other phones. But I have to admit that I don’t know the features of this phone well enough. All I can say is that it is really hard to believe that it is still one of the best selling phones today. So let’s take a look at how does this phone work. It is a small phone, which means it is perfect for anyone who wants to be very mobile. It has a feature called ‘I-Mode’ which is very similar to Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, you need to attach it to a computer first before you can start using it.

However, with an I-Mode enabled phone, you can use it even without a computer. This is great because you can use it everywhere and whenever you want. The reason why I bought this phone was that I want a mobile phone that I can use while riding on the train or bus, but also while traveling in your car. The I-Mode function of an IP Max phone is one of the main features. You can easily talk and use some of the advanced features of the phone without the worry of your hands falling off the mobile phone. I-Mode phone works pretty well on a variety of angles.

Advanced features of an I-Mode phone

The advanced features of an I-Mode phone include many ones that make this phone a favorite among many. This is because they have features that are not present in any other mobile phone. The advanced features of an I-Mode phone include the following:

Fingerprint scanning. With this feature, you can scan your finger using the camera of the phone, and then you can start to use the phone. When you put your finger near the front part of the phone, the phone recognizes your finger and starts to work. This is a very useful feature because you can use the phone without having your fingers are dirty.

Call list. With the call list, you can save as many numbers as you want to. You can even call up numbers from the call list by just tapping the numbers of your choice on the screen.

SIM card. A SIM card is a type of plastic that connects a mobile phone to a network.

Call waiting. This feature is helpful if you often get missed calls. While using this feature, you can already tell whether you are missed or not.

Call forward. With this feature, you can call back or forward any calls to any number on the call list. You can even call a number you don’t recognize or don’t remember and you can also call a person who does not have a phone number at all. As you can see, these features are pretty useful. All you need to do is to install the I-Mode application to your phone. But remember that you need to have a PC with the latest software in order to be able to install the I-Mode application.

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