Asterisk Holiday Schedule

In the previous article, we discussed what is Asterisk holiday schedule and why you need to install it. what features of it. This will be a summary of the features so that you can get a general idea of what about it. Your phone system can be heard by others by a two-way voice. If you are wondering why do I need a two-way voice, that is because you can hear others through their phones in addition to you. Now you can speak directly to the person and they would get the same message back as you. This gives you the opportunity to use it at your convenience.

What are some of the other features?

A feature called call waiting. want the caller to be disturbed or not even called by you for some reason, just turn on the feature. Other features are, call transferring, caller id, voicemail, call display, caller ID, call transfer, voicemail, reminders, hands-free capability, call forwarding, call waiting, multi-line call transfer, call screening, call conferencing, video conferencing, phone number tracking, call recording, phone tagging, and more.

How does the Asterisk feature works?

It works through the phone system itself. configure and set the features according to your needs. to follow the prompts provide and your features are ready to go. You can choose which features you like best. Are there any disadvantages to the features? There are none. The features are working fine with your phone system. The features also give you the ability to control the phone call quality, monitor how many calls are going on your phone line, control who can and cannot call you, manage your incoming and outgoing calls, etc.

How does the Asterisk holiday schedule work? First of all, you have to enter the date and time that you want to have your holiday or festival. Then you have to enter the people who are allowed to call you, the numbers that you want to allow to call you, and the dial tones you want to allow those who can call you. After that, you are now ready to list all the numbers that you have allowed. You can either type them in manually or use the list feature of the Asterisk phone system.

What’s next?

After you have entered all the information, you are now ready to choose which features you would like to use. Which features do you want to use? Or, use all features, you can do that by choosing the option: All features.go ahead and configure the features. You can either have them running right away or you can change the settings as and when you like.

Now if you do not want to use the Asterisk phone system, you can use any type of PBX system. Most of them are either free to use or you can purchase them from the local stores. In this article, we talked about the features of what is Asterisk holiday schedule. Hopefully, you have gained some information.

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