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The Way to incorporate Asterisk using Ask for Tracker — a helpdesk/NOC Ticketing program. This gives you the capability to make tickets from the petition tracker predicated on incoming requirements. Request tracker manages email and web asks. The genuine voice is going; undoubtedly. As a document into the petition tracker ticket.

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Nevertheless; this content link above was take off. Variations onto it are seen by means of’An Unofficial Asterisk PBX Integration information. Assemble 20040408′. But notice the concept presented has been founded upon the SOAP host for RT, which has been obsoleted. For-now the easiest way to paste Asterisk into asking for Tracker is to generate a voicemail box which has the possibilities’join =|deleteyes’ and transmits the resultant email for an RT sub-mission speech.

Ask for Tracker currently supports. Relaxation port along with; also a Perl library write to this. Perhaps someone will whip up a wonderful wash ticket submission/review IVR to this particular? Possibly that man is _you currently _?

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