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Virtual ly UNLIMITED regional — long-distance – AND toll-free (XO could be the sole provider to supply practically”infinite” toll-free ). Everything you buy will be a T1 or PRI together side the selection to possess 1.5 D IA using burstable alternative up-to 3.0 megs. Flexi SIP Speak to me for the market.

In the event you don’t need the moments to be eligible to get a premier company – this really can be fantastic entry-level merchandise which may make it possible for one to make use of the info section for Flexi SIP processed phone calls and also the voice to get calls and back-up in your corporation.

Wish to give tollfree numbers?

The item provides you 100,000 moments to the buying price tag on this PRI’s and access.

The normal cost for every second will be .01 pennies each and every second with t 1 for 3 and voice megs info – including for example loop expenses. This truly is really significant merchandise for those that need premium excellent voice however aren’t nevertheless in the minimums for VoIP applications. Request me to receive all the particulars.

If you’re employing an Asterisk box this is really a fantastic entry grade merchandise to Flexi SIP. Because that really is PSTN quality, so many businesses utilize the PSTN allowance and connection because of cost services- subsequently, make use of the bandwidth to get SIP visitors. The option is yours nevertheless.

Have earnings repetitions at a workplace?

Building a lot of calls to the Other Side of the United States? Have you got tollfree numbers to get customer care – and also simply how can you really pay every minute for people? Just about the capacity to make use of 2 t 1’s for all of your audio targeted traffic and allocate the bandwidth for 3 megs of the internet? Course IP address calls across the info section with higher-excellent forecasts. Utilize our VPN merchandise more than multiple spots.


options Flexi SIP is an integrated VoIP services option using infinite local & national long-distance phoning and Internet hosting, also bundled using higher speed D-IA delivered within one broadband link (up to 3Mbps). Dynamic bandwidth allocation permits optimum usage and efficacy of their incorporated accessibility circuit using voice visitors taking concern.

options Flex is designed for a set month-to-month rate and also comprises a lot more than several conventional voice software and attributes to each telephone. The conventional Web Principles hosting package deal has been comprised as a member of this bottom merchandise. options Flexi SIP additionally features an Administration Portal for on-line attribute effects which further expands the ease, value, and flexibility of the goods.

Conventional voice software like voice mail can be obtained in addition to advanced functions available exclusively throughout the XO IP-enabled community. Supplemental characteristics are offered on a single á la-carte basis, also feature a voice Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality which enables a more frequent dial to prepare on purchaser spots (Onnet phoning ). Even the Voice VPN ability tends to make options Flexi SIP notably popular with multi-dimensional spot clients. More substantial hosting bundles may likewise be furnished as purchaser requirements order.

The base bundle comprises:

5 telephone lines using boundless Community Contacting plus a package of Conventional Class 5 attributes

Infinite nationwide outbound Extended Length, also one Toll-free Range with boundless twenty-five moments *

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Devoted Access to the Internet around 1.544 Mbps — around 3 megs

Fundamental Voice Messaging

Web-based Administrative Portal

World Wide Web Standard Hosting Bundle

Utilization of this protected and Dependable XO nationwide OC-192 IP community

Customers Will Get all the options Flex bundle:

Telephone Forwarding Variable (Consistently )

Call-forwarding Chaotic

Telephone Forwarding Donàpennies $™t Reply

Remote Access to Call Forwarding

Flexi SIP Phoning

Telephone Maintain

Consultative Phone Maintain

Telephone Pick up


Transfer with Consultation

Callerid (Name & Number)

Caller-id Line Block

Account Codes (Confirmed & Non-verified)

Speed-dial (8 & a Hundred )

Telephone Park


Waiting Around

Very Last Number Redial

Usually, Do Not Affect

Hunt Teams (successive, round, uniform, simultaneous)


Selective Call Ahead

Call Acceptance

Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection

Additional Characteristics and software:

Added phone-lines up to 2 4 lines might be compared to the options software package.

Voice Digital Private Network (VPN)

Further D IA circuit to boost lively up bandwidth to 3

Auto-attendant using a bunch of navigation alternatives

Organization Call-center

More Substantial Hosting plans

Extra Toll-free amounts

Conferencing Products and Services

T1/PRI Products and Services

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