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Rpt, Radio Autopatch (Possibilities )

Alternatives are the Following:

Perhaps not setting a choice and defining that a node sets it into an ordinary end-point manner (wherever origin in address and also node name are confirmed).

Time-out [

Reverse Autopatch. The caller is set on hold, and also statement (since

given from the’announce-string’) is performed in radio stations network.

Consumers of this air can get autopatch, dial stipulated

code, and then pick call up. Announce-string can be a set of titles of

records, or \”PARKED\” to replace the system to get un-parking,

or even SMS \”NODE\” to replace node amount.

P — cellphone handle mode. This Permits a routine telephone Person to Get

Complete controller and sound accessibility into this air network. For that

consumer to really have the DTMF controller, the’phone_functions’ parameter

has to be given to your node from’rpt.conf.’ Another

operate (cop,6) has to be recorded to ensure the PTT controller can be acquired.

D Dumb Mobile Phone Get a Grip on style. This Permits an Everyday telephone client

Have a complete controller and sound accessibility into this air network. Back in

this manner, the PTT is a trigger for your full size of this telephone.

For your consumer to own the DTMF controller (maybe not generally advocated in

this manner ), the’dphone_functions’ parameter has to be given

to your node from’rpt.conf.’ No, no DTMF charge is going to be

readily available to your telephone client undoubtedly.

Spin worth



This module empowers Asterisk to join Airplane Professional or Radio 2 Way repeater approaches collectively. The application form is currently dispersed from the Asterisk resource package deal as app_rpt.c. You will find just three distinct hardware ports encouraged by app_rpt:

It necessitates that the chan_usbradio.c station driver be configured and compiled

A number of its attributes include:

Autopatch through VoIP or PSTN, using two Reverse Autopatch manners. Work individually from repeaters in an identical website.

Radio Autopatch Supervisory manage via DIAL IN over in-bound VOIP relationship or telephone

could possibly be employed together with all our Windows and Linux GUI app iaxrpt for PC-base dispatch.

Numerous repeaters might simultaneously command with app_rpt plus yet another Asterisk box.

All linking is achieved at full-duplex utilizing IAX2.

It was made for an entirely operational repeater control, much less an adjunct such as IRLP and Echolink.

No more reflectors must be demand. Every single node has a complete catering capacity. Just a single interface for IAX2 (4569) should be started in your own firewall.

The machine proprietor decides which approaches may relate to his repeater (and that really doesn’t ). Authentication isn’t regulated or command from some other thing.

The machine proprietor decides upon the stability strategy. IP addresses are looked up in DNS and pair via a static online speech (FQDN)

Connected approaches are resistant to lock up if necessary. All of DTMF handle advice will be a route out of band within the VOIP backlinks.

Just 2 Sound degree alterations per-node are mandatory (RX and TX sound at every single node).

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