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CTI for Asterisk that I have observed a couple of Citi Software Freeware and all of them are industrial. However, of this that I decided to start a venture to come up with a brand new strategy. After that, matches a succession of prerequisites CTI foundation.

Proceed into Asterisk Cti software Open-source Venture

This computer software is currently ALPHA. Put it to use at your risk!

After that, the Characteristics of This method are the following:

CTI Software Server

Machine improvement. Internet 2.0 / / Mono on GNU/Linux

Pairing together with all the Asterisk Manager User Interface (One link )

Multi-thread motor to the Managing of many CTI Software customers

Configuration Data Files to handle functioning parameters

Modulable Log Document

CTI Consumer

Machine improvement. Internet 2.0 for Windows

Authentication on CTI Server

Eye-catching and user-friendly GUI

After that, the Skill to Deal with the Exhibit Caller ID / Caller ID Number Identify

Skill to arise Calls-on distinct out Bound contexts

Higher Level Cti Software Freeware Configuration User Interface

After that, the Skill to handle different phone campaigns Throughout the Take over of this”circumstance.”

Skill to establish diversified software for phone effort

Every program could be parameterized. Various factors are encouraged for growth. However, such as an Exceptional factor”call data” to transport data from dial plan of all CTI asterisk into Consumer

Voice TerminationVoip CarriersVoip providers