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Implements that the Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) Around TCP sockets. This helps facilitate CPU load onto your telephony host by shifting resource starving broadcasts into the next remote host. As a Way to teach Asterisk to try a community link, then you have to provide the hostname. Or IP address of this host Wherever Your FastAGI support is the host and preface It Using Agi://:

Be aware the Agi:// syntax is utilized together with AGI along. With DeadAGI dial plan controls, whilst EAGI is now not endorsed. The preceding case teaches Asterisk to earn a community link with a server running onto a neighborhood network host once when the 555 1212 expansion is pair. Automagically, Asterisk tries to attach with the server within interface 4573. The interface May Also be given if You Opt to host the AGI support on a different interface:

A petition may even be given from the FastCGI telephone. Therefore you may host numerous AGIs in one system locale. This petition permits the FastAGI business provider to distinguish amongst diverse locations while in the display. As an instance:

The petition section of those requirements will probably soon be obtained from the FastCGI assistance whilst the agi_network_script AGI factor. An asterisk may even have the agi_network AGI factor. For Instance, the FastCGI Inside the Prior Instance will Get something similar to that called by Asterisk.

Agi_network: certainly

Back in Asterisk 1.6.x, arguments handed into this. AGI control has been pass right through to the FastCGI because of AGI factors. By Way of Example, phoning a FastAGI using all the next:

Can lead to the next AGI factors getting a pass into this FastAGI agency:

Agi_network: certainly

The procedure explains below for Asterisk 1.2, and 1.4 is still affirmed.

Together with Asterisk 1.2 through 1.4, software if utilizing conventional AGI. You may move variables onto the control line into a regional script while that isn’t possible using FastCGI. It might be mimicked applying agi_network_script along with also a question syntax like that applied by HTTP. As an instance:

One’s FastAGI frame must emphasize this info from this agi_network_script factor. A few FastAGI implementations do that to you personally, therefore don’t forget to inspect the documentation to the distinct frame.

Error dealing.

Asterisk 1.4 & 1.6.x

At the time of Asterisk 1.4 a brand new station factor, AGISTATUS. Will be put to good results up on powerful implementation of an AGI. When there has been a issue connecting for this FastAGI assistance. Then the station factor will be define as FAILURE, then letting the dial plan to execute alternative steps rather than to disrupt the telephone stream. In Case the Contacting station hangs up throughout implementation.

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