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These webpages have been automatically upgrading once an Asterisk Store. Day by your Asterisk subversion repository whenever the repository alterations. Any adjustments designed for the particular page will probably be flashed together with all the most current variant from Channel Info Retailers.

What’s a data shop?

An information store is a Style of saving complicated information, for example, a construction onto a station. So it may be recovered in a subsequent—period with special software or even the identical app.

In the event, the information shop Isn’t discharge by the state program. However, a Call Back to some ruin perform. It does occur that frees the memory utilized with the info from the information store. Hence no memory-loss does occur.

Asterisk store Information Structure

undefined; This is just a fundamental structure having advice regarding a datastore. It truly is utilized by lots of API calls. Just how does one produce a data shop? Inch.  Utilize ast_channel_datastore_alloc work to come back with a pre-allocated arrangement. This function requires two arguments. Datastore data construction and software. Publish info to pre-allocated composition.Ex: datastore->info = ;Insert datastore into the station. This function requires two arguments. Pointer to the station, a pointer to information shop Full Case in Point. Void callback_destroy(void *info )

Be Aware Since you are passing a pointer into some purpose on your module. Then You Are Going to want to add. This on your users relies on.  Once allotted increment, when ruined decrement.

How does one take away an information shop?

Locate the information shop This work requires three arguments pointer to the station: datastore data construction, Uid. Take out the information shop from Your station.

This function requires two arguments. pointer to the station. A pointer to information shop. Should We like to currently Conduct things. To this information over the information shop. No Cost the information shop (that can predict the ruin call again )

This function requires One Particular argument. Pointer to information shop . Just how does one locate an infoshop? Inch.  Locate the information shop. This work requires 3 arguments: (markup to station, datastore information construction, uid)

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