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Rapid off Ice dial plan Quickoffice extension description

This sample dial plan demonstrates the way the easy small into some moderate provider may possibly have employ Asterisk dial plan.

It supplies basic capacities of IV R, outbound and inbound calling, voice mail, SMS, DISA along with also other Asterisk functionalities.

The sample is currently manufactured with a visible Dialplan to get Asterisk.

Fully operational with no credit with this program is design for your own downloading (see below) with this specific sample.

But, you might also utilize the output signal of visible Dialplan, typical Asterisk”extensions.conf” document (see under ), and then set it up into an Asterisk server without even downloading and employing Visible Dialplan.

This circumstance is designed for setting your SIP routing phone calls. This empowers nearby SIP endpoints to dial outside.

The very first entrance component suits most of the extensions at the subsequent format 1XX (e.g., 100, 101, 102… 1 99 ). Calls which property onto those extensions will probably be offered towards the dial-ext circumstance, and it can be utilized to dial up the SIP endpoint.

Secondly, the entrance stage component suits the expansion *inch and also invokes the VoIP principal software (administrative Encryption program ). The caller has been a route into the interface to your own voice recorder, depending on the caller id range.

Hotmail Application

It follows the worker on expansion 101 is likely to likely be transmitted into the executive Hotmail application to your own voice recorder 101.

The next entrance line component suits the rest of the extensions along with dials that quantity within the ZAP station out of category inch (Zap/g1/$undefined).

This circumstance is useful for restarting the regional extensions.

Following the telephone has been store for debugging functions (Log element ), ideal Sip expansion is automatically left.

In the event of those crowd, inaccessible, or no remedy response, the telephone has been a route into the voice recorder to that dialler expansion.


This Quickoffice extension keeps all incoming phone calls coming throughout the ZAP lines.

All inbound phone calls (landing on the”so-called” expansion ) are answered and exhibited using a welcome communication, right after the most important menu has been caller and played enter signal is likely to

The caller could pick in a number of these selections:

0 A telephone has been routed into the dial-attendant circumstance so as to dial workers depending on the caller id range.

Inch — A telephone will be routed into the dial-employee circumstance to permit the caller API to pick the worker expansion, which ought to really be dialed dial-up.

Two – Permit staff members to inspect the voice mail. A telephone will be a route into the VoicemailMain app, devoid of parameters, so which means the application form will require the caller to get the sender password and number.

3 — Permit staff members to dial outside. The telephone I’ve delivered into the DISA (Direct Inward Dialing App ) program. The caller is anticipated to sort the password”1 2 3″ right after he could be permitted to dial-out as though he had been utilizing the neighborhood SIP telephone number.

When no alternative. That I left from the caller over the RESP_TOUT (10 minutes ), the telephone has been recovered up.

Caller Pops

In the Quickoffice extension event, the caller pops the caller, then before generating any alternative, a text concept I synced together with the Log part.

This circumstance certainly dials one of those employees, depending on the caller’s code.

That exact straightforward circumstance sets the very first four digits of this caller id number towards the area_code station factor.

The select-attendant macro is a telephone with all the area_code worth as a way to discover proper workers.

The previous step with this circumstance would be restarting the SIP endpoint came back as being a consequence of this prior macro telephone.

This circumstance enables the exterior Quickoffice extension recipient to accomplish on an expansion.

The caller is prompted to key from the three-digit expansion of this worker he wants to get to. When caller type s that the legal extension, the phone call has been a route into the dial-ext circumstance. In any other case, the phone call will be terminated.

World Wide factors


Dial time-out — even 20sec.


Dig-It time-out — even 3sec.


Response time-out — even 10sec.

Channel factors


Picked Sip expansion with this particular telephone. This factor is determined by this select-attendant macro.


This factor retains the initial four digits of this caller id range.


Default mailbox to your SIP peer-reviewed.



This macro chooses extension predicated around the very first four icons of this caller id. The extension will be read out of this database.

When no price is hand from the area_code debate, this macro will automatically scan the default option expansion. In case the financial value of this area_code debate isn’t vacant, then the macro will automatically also read the extension for this code.

Following that, the worthiness is read by the database, then that the macro, the controller into the calling circumstance.

Be Aware:

As a way to operate precisely, Quickoffice extension, sample dial plan necessitates that a number of the tools happen to be configured at the Asterisk server (i.e., SIP endpoints, voice mailboxes ( audio data files…).

Rapid off Ice dial plan

It’s possible for you to take advantage of this code deploy it on an Asterisk server and then set up it in visible Dialplan having one press of the single button.

; Produced with Visible Dialplan Skilled.

DIAL_TOUT=20; Dig-It time-out – 3sec.

DIGIT_TOUT=3; reaction time-out – 10sec.

undefinedHrS(600)TWK); Context utilized for restarting the regional extensions.

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