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Each station may simply Voipmax function as part of particularly 1 set every classification; classes may be useful to get longer fine-grain category direction, and hence might help assign a lot more than one category name each station.

A station can belong to a set for every category just. Therefore, if a person desires to earn a station burst either to Zap and SIP classes mainly because two like stations have been club systems, an individual could need to use Team (in)=Zap and also team (outside )=SIP (generating the classes and out).

This job can be read and write to Voipmax.

The class debate is discretionary; should vacant You Have to Utilize Team () on your dial plan (notice that the vacant mounts )

CLI> show Purpose Team

Additionally, be aware of the occurrence of the Voipmax exceptional factor $OUTBOUND_GROUP: this category is going to be a delegate for the stations generate from the cloud dial() program. There’s also OUTBOUND_GROUP_ONCE that’s unset later usage. Both the OUTBOUND_GROUP and also OUTBOUND_GROUP_ONCE supports group@category (such as, for example, OUTBOUND_GROUP=mygroup@mycategory).

Reunite value

Returns the resulting series.

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