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(Revised for GXP-21xx Grandstream Intercom Collection Phones) 10-22-2010

Here’s a good instance of 2 paging techniques that may be utilized from your Grandsteam GXP-20XX along with GXP-21XX collection.

These procedures might belong to todo lots of paging responsibilities. Well, known is currently with all the GXP-XXXX intercom buttons to automatically activate a meet me session, including all the current extensions at a single workplace.

The very first procedure employs Paging work from your telephone.

This really could be the most ordinary and enables one to make use of the mobile builtin characteristic.

You decide on your lineup and hit on the okay (GXP-2000) button along with the MENU (GXP-20XX, GXP-21XX) button.

This sets the telephone to paging mode, after which you dial up the expansion.

The 2nd way would be to prefix the expansion using a * personality.

Grand Stream

That really is clearly was that the conventional way provided by Grandstream to their website, I’ve offered them with all the very first method plus they’re working in a snowy newspaper working with the very first procedure.

The case was prepare to perform using Asterisk 1.4. X ray

(We’ve operate modify variant using 1.6.x and 1.8.x too, on 1.8 you ought to change the ChanIsAvail it seems that bypassing was lost )

Will post an even longer up so far 1.8.x variation right after we get prepare to really go manufacturing companies. — BEZ (zktech)

[Ext-IN] exten => _2XXX,n,Place (l_Exten=undefined)

exten => _2XXX,n,Place (l_IsPaging=undefined services)

This exten => _2XXX,n,GotoIf($[“$undefined”=”answer-after=0”]? CallInterCom|inch )

It exten => _2XXX,n,go to (inside,$undefined,1)

That Exten => _*2XXX,1,Establish (l_Exten=undefined calls)

Exten => _*2XXX,n,go to (callInterCom,1)

Take be aware: that the s2 lineup was modify for whole RFC compliance: This really can be requrie to get GXP-21XX show mobiles. It’s backward compatible into the GXP-20XX show mobiles.

[macro-CoreExtPage] exten => s,1,ChanIsAvail($undefined|js); j is to get ditch and therefore is to get Almost Any telephone

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