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Even the”QueueStatus” ask for yields statistical info regarding calls brought into your current queues. In addition to the corresponding support degree of Asterisk Ami Queuestatus. 

The reply includes more”occasion: QueueParams” stanzas, just one per lineup. Every one is accompanied by no phone even more”celebration: QueueMember” stanzas, a single each representative delegated to this queue. And no or even more”occasion: QueueEntry” stanzas, 1 per telephone waiting at the lineup. The entire bunch finishes using the”Occasion: QueueStatusComplete” stanza. 

Even the Queue parameter lets to pick one queue to determine its status, just like all the Member parameter, which let you pick one strand manhood of texting. 

You may utilize the Member parameter using something such as’cnlohewfuy4r89734yc8yc48′ to perhaps not get any advice concerning associates, only information around the Asterisk Ami Queuestatus Queue. 

In the event, the parameters aren’t put all Queues, and most of the Member is going to be displayed. 

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