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Asterisk has been encouraged and preserved by Gentoo Linux and Gentoo Property Search.

Asterisk Setup

Arise -av net-misc/asterisk

In case portage requests to set up the old variant, for example, net-misc/asterisk-0.9.0, then you Might Need to re-install the lastest variant:

Edit / / etc/portage/package. Keywords and insert net-misc/asterisk ~x86


If You’re utilizing ZAPTEL or library, then You’ll Most Likely Want to unmask these as nicely:


Today You can Arise the lastest variant:

If You Would like to set up Asterisk over Riding your make.conf USE factors adding service for MySQL, and Mmx optimizations however you do not need Major Rate ISDN service:

Edit /etc/portage/package. Utilize and put in net-I’m /skype net-misc/asterisk MySQL mix nori

Arise -av net-misc/asterisk”

Zaptel on Kernel 2.6 and also dev fs Setup

In the event you have no ZAPTEL on your USE variable you’ll become set up ZAPTEL features a dependency of Asterisk. Make sure if you’re employing 2.6 kernel string with dev fs to install USE factor devfs26 as a way to permit portage to create the appropriate alterations (Asterisk Zaptel Setup ) to produce Zaptel utilize dev fs in 2.6.


There are no understand issues with your dev and 2.6 kernels.

Asterisk CVS Setup

It is not formally encouraged however possibly You Would like to Have a look

Asterisk Beginning and Preventing

You don t have to follow along with the guidelines about Gentoo property search Asterisk Beginning and Preventing.

For launch asterisk on boot only put in Asterisk into the default option run-level or start/stop it

RC-update insert Asterisk default dial option

/ / etc/init. D/Asterisk undefined

To configure the startup discussions to get Asterisk

$E-ditor /etc/conf.

Asterisk Festival Setup

Again, if you’d like to set up Festival to get Asterisk utilization, you will have to stick to the setup measures on the Asterisk festival installment (possibly only would just like to learn the Setup and Tracking ).

Only ADD asterisk on your USE factor:

mkdir /etc/portage

echo”app-accessibility/festival asterisk” >> /etc/portage/package. Utilize

And just:

Arise -av app-accessibility/festival”

Asterisk cmd Festival: The Festival App

Asterisk config festival.conf: The setup document for Festival at Asterisk

Festival: The Opensource Speech synthesis Program

Asterisk Hints and tips

Assist! And scatter voice Reporting

In the event you find a bug submit an application upon Gentoo Bugzilla and delegate it into the Gentoo VoIP Herd.

You may even see #gentoo around the FreeNode IRC community.

Open up a brand new Gentoo Bugzilla accounts

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