Hinet dns server - My Country Mobile

It can be a very first creation Hinet DNS Server IP address cell phone from Siemens. Even the hardware of these mobiles is nearly indistinguishable. For that reason, they sometimes flashed into SIP (OptiPoint a hundred ) or even H.323 (OptiPoint 300 or even LP5100) configuration. Even the SIP execution is a little crude; just divert authentication can be used as well as the internal webserver for settings only works together with the Microsoft internet browser (differently you are unable to place authentication password). This sip.conf entry functions together with All the LP5100 using SIP firmware:

It’s a good idea to show QoS away to decrease latency. There might nevertheless be some delay (1 4 sec) following the institution of the telephone until sound starts.

I commented outside that the default worth as server dynamic. Additionally, make sure never to incorporate sender value. This mobile doesn’t own a VoIP gentle.

You now just need to disable QoS in case your system will not need help for QoS and PHP.

Oh yeah, yet another few downfalls:

No more DNS services, Underneath SIP.

DOES Not supporting firewalls. No Manner. No more STUN Assist.

SIP-Firmware Hinet DNS Server

The absolute most latest SIP-firmware (Optipoint one hundred progress, model 1.0.3) remains offered by Siemens. Be aware the Optipoint 300 Advance firmware will just converse H.323, which means that you likely do not need this Hinet DNS Server.

Telephone programming with no an Internet port

By pressing on the pressing and > keys, then you can scroll down the menu “Missed Calls” or even”assistance.” Press that the checkmark crucial for services; remember, you may scroll through possibilities. Now press on for seven or administration to diagnostics. Either would demand the secretary account, which is 123456.

World Wide web User Interface Password:

To OptiPoint a Hundred the default for your admin client would be: 123456

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