3g voip gateway

The Mobile Gateway


The Mobile Gateway (a.k.a GSM GW, set Cellular final — FCT, set Wireless final — FWT, CDMA Router, 3-G — UMTS Router), Once linked with a PBX, it can route incoming and out going calls through the cellular telephone system, thereby supplying a costeffective choice to fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed calls. Once the Mobile Gateways linked with other carriers equipment/networks it could decrease the conclusion prices and boost the overall proceeds of those terminators. Greater than the 3G UMTS gateway is intended to use more favourable prices for phone calls out of an UMTS network to other programs. The end result is that by linking UMTS gate way (3G gateways) into the PBX the personal savings on forecasts out of your UMTS gateway will probably tend to be greater in comparison to phone calls in the present GSM gateways.


3G UMTS VoIP Gateway in Hypermedia methods supports 12 to 36 3G interfaces, The machine offers exceptional voice technology for connecting legacy PBX systems with VoIP networks, and also brand new IP based systems using UMTS systems.


The HG-5000 collection of all UMTS Gateway empowers outbound and inbound VoIP, PRI, 3-G calls all in 1 compact box. Businesses can readily extend the systems that are cost-effective to fulfill their growing telephony demands with the years and also set telephony connection between your business and its particular branches.


For SMB Hypermedia methods give the 3-G Analog gate way which is sold together with 4 interfaces. Even the multi-port 3-G Analog gate way was fashioned for little and medium organizations which use analog PBXs.




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