all msn dot

All Msn Dot

(Workin advance — will probably upgrade since the code Grows More secure , all msn dot)

I experienced a fantastic notion of possessing asterisk to deliver me an MSN communication predicated in an Asterisk celebration.

I had been in a position to possess asterisk to perform an AGI which could deliver me an MSN msg for every single incoming Telephone.


It took me roughly 4-5 minutes to Receive this working (msn msgs using Caller-id of incoming calls)

I do believe it really is sort of fantastic and certainly will (as time allows ) accentuate this.

When anybody is thinking about this particular, email me VoIP (in ) less (dot) web site.

Depending on the answer, ” I could accelerate advancement. all msn dot


My Present asterisk installation replies the Telephone, greets the caller using a paranoid disclaimer (we track Phone Calls, and so on )

Subsequently will a DIAL for my famous phone amounts all msn dot.

I shall alter the activity to deliver me an MSN concept with all a callerid of that is contacting since being an MSN concept.

The caller is going to be set in a meetme or even some type of limbo.

Upon acquiring the MSN message, then ” I shall kind”acknowledge” decline” voice-mail” or anything to this impact

predicated in my MSN answer, the caller will make probably division as guided in my MSN response.

So I utilized the Subsequent applications: all msn dot

I composed that an AGI script which could synthesize the caller-id +turned right to some text document from the temp directory.

So I altered the MSN PHP code to survey to your written text once a moment (Terrible, ” I understand )

upon choosing the written text document, it would fill its own contents line online and then message me into my chief MSN accounts.

It might subsequently delete the text document.

I shifted my extensions.conf to Telephone on the AGI on every single individual incoming Telephone, then sending it into my regular DID handler.

The end result has been an MSN communication which came for just about every subscriber on your own machine.


Period Inch

1 ) ) Produce a fresh MSN accounts for originating the messages

2) log in to your accounts, and then insert your own present MSN like a touch

3) log-out, and then log-in as the present MSN accounts and then take away the contact.

4) App the MSN script along with your recently made account/password

Cycle Two

Alter msnp9.class.php and put in a Time out on purpose __get()

{Operate _buy () , all msn dot


stream_set_timeout($it ->fp, 1 ) ); <—- add this line

if ($statistics = @fgets($this->fp, 4096))

Period 3

Alter msnp9.class.php from the purpose rx_data()

Just before’RNG’ include , all msn dot

$online = 1 );


This may Decide on a flag to state”we’re on the internet today we could send messages out.”

Period 4

Alter msnp9.class.php from the purpose rx_data() , all msn dot

Although (! {feof($this->fp)) , all msn dot

$info $this->_buy (); all msn dot

Period 5

Produce an AGI script which opens, appends, and also writes one lineup to tmp/msn.txt, and shuts the document.

Period 6

Run that the MSN PHP script such as a daemon in the Commandline

Insert #! / / usr/bin/PHP -q towards the start of the script

and also run. /msn.php , all msn dot

This can get the MSN script to conduct, log in to MSN, and loop indefinitely.

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