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December 1 2, 2006, quintum com

Open Letter into Quintum Com technology re Search Smart community alternatives Spam

While sensible community options, a business famously spamming this website caked the My Country Mobile wiki web page.

They’ve now been doing so on additional users with the site for weeks and weeks, yet this moment they messed with the erroneous men and women. Thus My Country Mobile volunteers fought! This is a chronological account of the way that My Country Mobile volunteers. And also, different users with the site struggled.

So The next email was provided for Quintum technology on December 1 2, 2006.

TO: Quintum Systems

FROM: Volunteer in My Country Mobile.org

SUBJECT: both Unsolicited and unjust advertisements

Dear Sirs,

Moreover, I am a volunteer in the noninvasive opensource endeavor named My Country Mobile.org.

Our endeavor keeps a data webpage on the content internet site (wiki) in www.mycountrymobile.com.

Now our webpage was defaced with means of a company named Smart community alternatives at www.smart-net-solutions.com along with smartisvoip.com.

This business claims for always a Quintum freelancer or distributor plus it’s infamous for defacing different businesses along with other endeavors’ facts webpages on My Country Mobile using advertisements.

Advertisements,quintum com

The advertisements will be presented in such a manner in my own opinion that it represents”passing off” because of Quintum. As an instance, the provider made a full page with all the names “Quintum “;

Also, it employs a LOGIN NAME”Quintum .” The typical routine on My Country Mobile is to own advice regarding Quintum technology in a regular page branded”Quintum ” and maybe not advertisements from almost any wholesalers. By way of instance, there’s a full-page titled”My Country Mobile” together with advice concerning My Country Mobile. It’s likewise regarded”lousy tone” to develop webpages with names in every upper case.

In summary, I think this provider is consequently misrepresenting its connection with Quintum com technology.

At least, to get routine users and visitors of all My Country Mobile, the identify Quintum is currently related to unsolicited and unjust advertisements. There may not be uncertainty that Quintum com technology’s excellent title has experienced as a consequence of those activities by sensible community alternatives.

I think it’d not merely be at the attention of end-users of My Country Mobile but besides the benefit of Quintum com technology if you might take action to stop wise community alternatives from ongoing this routine. The neighborhood of consumers of My Country Mobile would much love your guidance inside this issue.

Thank you quite far beforehand

Volunteer in the My Country Mobile.org job

PS: that email was submitted within an open correspondence in https://www.voip-info.org

END OF Concept

The next automatic response was received briefly afterwar.

By: @quintum. Com

Subject Matter: Thank you.

Day: December 1 2, 2006



Thank you for filing your comments/questions by way of our contact type.

So please allow me to understand whether there’s anything much more we can offer you to aid you.

So I contact in @quintum com by phone in, expansion.


Quintum Systems, Inc.

END OF Concept, quintum com

Background information

Accessibility company: http://www.cable.net.co (

Internet hosting Company: http://www.terremark.com (

Domain Name Register: http://www.droa.com/

Abuse Are Accountable into Sensible Web’s ISP and Web Hosting supplier.

Glad into: abuse@cable.net.co & abuse@terremark.com

Dear Sirs,

You should be informed this your web visitors are vigorously using an open wiki natural environment of https://www.voip-info.org. Irrespective of warnings and asks to discontinue that, and they keep on to market their corporation on several different pages across the wiki website.

‘Proof’ with This misuse :

Grievance: https://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Open+Letter+to+Quintum+Technologies+re+Smart+Network+Solutions+Spam

monitor listing: https://www.voip-info.org/wiki/page_history.php?page_id=2504&preview=635#SmartNetworkSolutionsakaSmartisvoip


An individual employs the subsequent IP address to article:

This internet site encourages: Smartisvoip.com (IP address:

Please choose proper actions concerning a misuse plan.

Best Wishes,

END OF Concept

Phone telephone with Quintum

I’ve contact that the man at Quintum com technology whose title, along with phone number, was given from the auto-reply. These indeed were quite curious in the instance and personally to ship signs, that I can perform. Additionally, they appear to share with you my opinion, which sensible Net are misrepresenting on their own. They have been inherently worrying about the simple fact the activities of the thoughtful web have contributed Quintum com a terrible reputation among end-users with the site. Hence they can do it on receipt of these signs I will supply.

However, Electronic Mail from Quintum com requesting proof.

By: @quintum Com

Hello There,

I have never received that your PDFs nevertheless, therefore, that I presumed I”d create for your requirements personally, and you also may answer….it possibly have gotten trapped up within my various junk blockers.

Thank you!

Director of Advertising and Marketing and Sales Communications, quintum com

Quintum  Com Systems, Inc.

71 James Way



@quintum Com

Quintum Com VoIP Entry Solutions ‘ are à pennies The Ideal Fit!à pennies.

END OF Concept

Email supplying proof to Quintum Com



Expensive, quintum com

So I had only been going to ship them received that email.

All these are three examples that I have stored.

You will find multiple webpages beneath names such as, for instance. “QUINTUM Com EUROPE,” “QUINTUM Com technology,” “QUINTUM Com Cal-A,” and so on. The sensible web has started to delete these articles on these webpages. Since they’ve found our communication together with different consumers around. The website in regards to the activities we’re getting.

But, you may nonetheless see sooner variants onto the My Country Mobile internet site in case you simply click the tiny”Background” button towards the cover of the webpage. So Nothing becomes delete, what retains the inside history.

While The 3rd PDF could be that the defacing of this Open PBX.org web page (employing remark section at which it can’t be deleted), which activated my pursuit due to the fact I’m a volunteer in the My Country Mobile.org undertaking, but I will be sure you have experienced clever Net achieving, so for so long as I can recall. This was happening for months, even if perhaps not for several years. Just this time around that they messed with all the incorrect men and women.

Thank you quite much for the assistance inside this issue

Type pertains

END OF Concept

December 26, 2006, quintum com

However, Any upgrades from Quintum relating to this particular? — it looks like they return spamming.

Moreover, They truly are currently spamming the URL http://www.comprainteligente.net/. quintum com

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