sip error responses

The reply codes are consistent with and expand HTTP/1.1 answer codes. Perhaps not many HTTP/1.1 answer

codes work, and just the ones that work are provided here. Additional HTTP/1.1 answer codes

must not be utilized.

1xx: Provisional —

request received, continuing to process the petition;

Provisional responses, also called informational responses, indicate that the server contacted is performing some additional action and doesn’t have a definitive reaction. A machine sends a 1xx response if it expects to require greater than 200 ms to get your last response. Be aware that 1xx responses aren’t sent faithfully. They cause the client to ship the SIP system ack.

SIP reaction class 2: Success — the action was successfully received, recognized, and approved;

SIP reaction class 3: Redirection — further action should be accepted to finish the petition;

SIP reaction class4: Client Error — the request comprises bad syntax or can’t be fulfilled at this host;

SIP reaction class5: Server Error — The server failed to fulfill a valid request;

SIP reaction class6: Global Failure — the request may not be fulfilled in any server.

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