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Registrar: A registrar is a host that takes sign-up asks and puts the data it receives in those requests into the location support to that domain it manages.

SIP supplies a discovery capability. When an individual would like to initiate a session with a different user, SIP must discover the present host(s) of the destination user is accessible. This discovery procedure is frequently accomplished by SIP network elements like proxy servers and redirect servers that are liable for a petition, deciding where you can ship it directly centered upon the understanding of this positioning of this consumer, then sending it all there. To try SIP network elements, consult an abstract service called location assistance, which offers address bindings for a specific domain name.

These address bindings map an incoming SIP or sip URI,, as an instance, to more URIs that are somehow “closer” for the desired user,, such as.

Fundamentally, a proxy will consult a location service that maps a received URI to an individual representative (s) of the desired recipient is currently living.

Multi Cast discovery of SIP Registrar

A UA can be configured to make use of multicast. Multicast registrations are addressed into the renowned “all SIP servers” multicast speech “” ( to get IPv4).

SIP proxy

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