Sipura Spa 2000 Reset - My Country Mobile

Sample Sipura config to Get buzzer


Line Inch Proxy and Registration


Use Outbound Proxy:

out Bound Proxy:

Use OB Proxy In Dialog: Indeed

Sign up Expires: Sixty

Use DNS SRV: no

Line Inch Subscriber Facts

Line Inch Audio Configuration

Chosen Codec: G729a

Use Pref Codec Only: Indeed

G729a Enable:

DTMF Tx Method: Vehicle

Symmetric RTP: Indeed (in case It Is a SPA-3000)

Community Address Translation State of Affairs

If You’re supporting a Firewall/NAT router, then You’ve Got two choices:




These vents Have to Be port forwarded out of the Firewall/NAT modem for a SPA:

UDP Eighty

The UDP port array designated from SIP > RTP Parameters > RTP Port Min Right up until SIP > RTP Parameters > RTP Port Max

STUN Service

SIP > NAT Service Parameters

Handle VIA received:

Manage VIA report: Indeed

Insert VIA received: Indeed

Insert VIA report: Indeed

Substitute VIA Addr: Indeed

Mail Resp To Src Port: Certainly

STUN Enable: Indeed

STUN Test Enable: Indeed

STUN Server: any people STUN host

NAT Keep Alive Intvl: 1-5 (could Be Raised following You’re convinced what’s configured correctly )

Line Inch NAT Preferences

NAT Mapping Enable:

NAT Keep Alive Enable:

NAT Keep Alive Msg: $NOTIFY

NAT Keep Alive Dest: $PROXY


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