stun client

Xten Soft-phones: X Lite, X Pro, eyeBeam

Linux customer on

SNOM Telephones

Cisco Ata v 3.0 firmware

PBX snip PBX to get trunks

Grandstream Budgetone along with Handytone

Hotsip Energetic Consumer

Sipura All SPA Services and Products

Leadtek Exploration BVA8051, BVA8052, BVA8053, BVA8055

SIP Phone Call-In-One

GnomeMeeting H.323 and SIP Open-source SoftPhone GnomeMeeting Pro-Ject

PJSUA Open-source Console-based SIP User-agent

Dibango — open-source, Quotation 3GPP NGN/IMS Length

IMSDroid open-source SIP/IMS Consumer to get Android

You may come across a set of people STUN examination servers about the home STUN web page.



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