skype gateway without pc

USKY 400A (Allinone ) Skype Gate Way


USKY 400A can be really a four interfaces (4*FXS) Skype Lite that will be the own enterprise Skype gateway.

USKY 400A can be really a skype gateway for PBX.

USKY 400A can be really a skype gateway, no computer necessary.


By employing USKY 400A skype gateway. The communication price tag might be reduced devoid of transforming any predicting customs. Anyway, corporations can buildup a worldwide telephone center (without any cost ), allowing a possible client to question query also to associate together with four hundred thousand Skype customers throughout the globe. A company, too, can install a couple of digital division S O customers positioned from the additional country might telephone to the corporation by means of landline cell phone along with paying for just landline telephone’s speed.



USKY 400A attribute

all-in-one design and style, no demand outside a personal computer.

Assist four interfaces of Skype stations at the same time.

The embedded technique, top safety, and quality.

Write protection strategies to stop contamination assault.

Entirely associate with initialing PBX (phone process ), the FXS user interface supports Plug & Play.

USKY 400A Characteristics

Constructed reestablish work simpler to reestablish the machine into the default option setting.

First dining table expansion may predict skype-out or Skype clients directly with a desktop computer.

Delivers English Windows port along with Language enter signal.

Place code and also state code might be categorized through yourself. Personally, no telephoning customs shifted.

Conventional 19″ Rack-Mount layout.

Utilize agent key Skype accounts for your venture; in the coming telephone, Skype will probably automatically move as soon as the point participates.

Assistance the telecommunication Parameters checklist from the country that is often picked.

The assistance that the skype-out charge minimum alarms, it is going to ship out a Skype note or SMs to earn a remind.

Assistance personalized mobile publication and people phone publication work.





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