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Employing FFmpeg to Change into Asterisk Indigenous SLN 


Asterisk’s indigenous SLN sound format (1.2 and upward ) is”uncooked” or headerless”wav” structure; tiny endian 16-bit signed PCM, a.k.a. Signed linear (thus SLN). Once it would appear that SoX or even Audacity will have the ability to transform into the arrangement, neither generally seems to become in a position to compose Little Endian 16-bit PCM. 


FFmpeg, certainly one among many finest swiss-army-knife-type audio/video transformation apps, namely confirms authorized 16-bit Little Endian PCM. To Change Pretty Much any sound (whatever FFmpeg can manage ) into the Proper arrangement for Asterisk MusicOnHold: 


You can also desire to bring a quantity modifier, to really make the new music suitably silent for MusicOnHold. Also, FFmpeg makes it possible for that to become given in dB profit such as”-vol -15D B”. 



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