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Utilizing XMPP/Jabber/PubSub for Spread Existence


I’ve got numerous Asterisk bins jogging 1.8 and had to monitor existence involving these. After attentively following instructions from the publication Asterisk The Definitive information, and also the nearly same instructions on the internet, ” I kept running into issues. However, then I eventually figured it out, ” I presume. Ideally, my week of hell can benefit somebody trying attempting to reach something similar.


I believe that the huge dilemma is the fact that the directions state the Tigase host is genuinely supported. You’ll find two methods to get the job done well with Tigase — download the program and set it up on the website or with their complimentary hosted internet site Tigase.im. I really couldn’t appear to earn a whole lot of awareness out from this downloading and put in approach, also that I conducted right into constant issues employing the hosted web page. I cannot find it out. Everything appeared excellent (notably with all the jabber demonstrate friends and also other testing processes ), but traces were not upgraded.


There is just another dilemma — that the 1.8 bins needed an inclination to crash Asterisk if something was incomplete together using all the Jabber installment. Just like in the event, the waiter went offline. No advantageous to a manufacturing platform. I haven’t observed this issue in 10.


I did so two matters that solved my issue instantly. The greatest single was that I changed into the Openfire XMPP host (http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/). It had been super simple to put in either on Windows and Linux (I’d initially) and also has a very simple WebGUI. I am uncertain Tigase was truly the issue, but I detected the SSL cert Tigase.im was still sending was self-issued and died annually early in the day, and so which would happen to be a problem.


Another factor

I transferred upward to Asterisk 10.5.2. Suddenly matters functioned out.


Even the SSL cert to the brand new Openfire is itself issued however is never died. Nonetheless, it appears to maybe not be an issue.


Thus… I shall upgrade this because I proceed forwards; however, also the analysis of adjusting the customized device_state is apparently operating effectively. The first issue is I moved to your 1.8 bins also strove to receive them onto the brand new Openfire, and if they enrolled readily, the device_state failed to do the job. And this crashing dilemma I was not entirely familiar with using this.


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