The award-winning Vega gateways are based on international communications standards, which include SIP and also H.323, to send an open and nonproprietary VoIP remedy that will be seamlessly integrated alongside existing communications programs. 


VegaStream’s assignment is to allow secure interoperability amongst your diverse and wide selection of proprietary mobile systems along with the brand new IP address systems. 

As you among the first providers of VoIP gateways behind SIP, VegaStream’s portfolio of gateways is known as BestinClass SIP VoIP gateways for services and products like Nortel Networks MCS5100, MCS5200 along with Siemens OpenScape. 


VegaStream’s spouses, together with additional VoIP tech leaders in both areas like voice recognition, and IP address freedom to allow connectivity involving their services and products and traditional PSTN networks. The provider’s services and products have been set up by worldwide company components like Primus Communications along with Orbitel and demanding end users like the US Navy. 



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