voiceone pbx



a Simple Means to Asterisk

Callware VoiceOne is also a Simple to use internet based GUI for your Asterisk PBX.

It supplies whole manage in excess of settings as a result of a easy admin panel.



Client/Server structure predicated on Web-services

Utilizes Asterisk Realtime Architecture (ARA)

SIP and IAX extensions direction (service for Zap/mISDN shortly Additional )

Distant Places of Work through IAX using RSA public key security

Supports VoIP and Conventional Telco suppliers

Highly Effective IV R production Technique

Queues Technique direction

Flexible user Account

Highly Effective arrangement of mISDN ports/interfaces (as a Result of men at beroNet due to their service )

Insurance Policies method for users/groups control

SIP, IAX along with mISDN general/default choices setup

Static-like Text-editor to get conf documents

Uncomplicated installment wizard



Www.VoiceOne.it: The most Established VoiceOne site :sponsored by Kleis, siti internet verona

VoiceOne Pro-Ject webpages : Your Sourceforge job webpage, You Are Going to Discover a Discussion Board, a bug tracker as well as also the downloading webpage


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