774 Area Code Plymouth

774 was an area number in the North American Numbering Plan for the Massachusetts region. This area code was created by splitting the 617 area code. The overlay area code 774 was also built on July 23, 1997. This made ten-digit dialing mandatory within the area. On September 6, 2001, the 774 area code remove and replaced by the 585 area codes. The 774 area code was used in Plymouth. It was assigned to the overlay area code 508 on January 1, 2001.

 Code 774 serves as a Landline telephone number in eastern Massachusetts, United States. Providence, Rhode Island, is the headquarters of 774 area codes. The 774 area code is a unique code that can use to provide emergency and government services and information for travelers. Plymouth, Massachusetts, is area code 774. It is used to cover the following cities: Abington. These cities are all located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States. 774 is the area code of Massachusetts. The 774 area code serves some of the following cities and towns: Brockton, Quincy; Stoughton; and South Weymouth. The north-south line along the Merrimack River and the line that runs east-west through the middle of Lake Quinsigamond in the north/south boundary.


Business Benefits With 774 Area Code Plymouth

Although the 774 area code seems to be a regular residential code, there are more. Like the other area codes, 774 is also managed by the North American Numbering Plan. This plan provides phone numbers for the entire continent and a few Caribbean countries. Interesting background information about the 774 area code is also available. The area code 774 is more than an area code. It is also a place number for Plymouth, Massachusetts. The area code 774 was separated from the 413 area code. Also, this was the city’s previous area code. Residents of the city have used the 774 area code as of right now. Some residents in the surrounding areas also use this area code.

Currently, there are no indications of when the 774 area codes will expire as the city grows every day. The 774 area code includes all Plymouth County (Massachusetts) exchanges, i.e., Plymouth, Carver. Kingston, Duxbury. Marshfield. Norwell. Brockton. Brockton. Braintree. Cohasset. Hingham. Scituate. Even though they are in the Boston metropolitan area, each city and town in Plymouth County has its local number. Plymouth County has no area codes.

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Call Recording

Firstly, VoIP phones answer all calls and record them automatically. When a call arrives, the system sends a notification to the virtual number. The customer can accept or decline the ring, and the system will notify the caller that the person they are trying to reach is not available. 774 Area Code Plymouth, is useful when a receptionist cannot answer the phone or doesn’t want to be disturbed. Secondly,  after the system has notified the user of an incoming call, you can listen to the recorded message to decide whether or not to answer it. Therefore, virtual phone numbers can use in many ways. If you don’t want your actual number to reveal, you can use the virtual phone number for your business. Virtual phone numbers are great because you can have multiple numbers in one account. You can have one number for personal use and another for business.

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