816 Area Code
Blue Spring

Area code 816 is located in the middle of the United States. This area code was added to 706 as an overlay and has been used since August 29, 2012. Area code 816 was established for Kansas City in 1997.

The 816 area code was out of stock due to high demand. You’re not just calling a number when you dial 816. Ask any Kansas City residents where they are from, and they will proudly give you their area code.

There are some facts and the whereabouts of the area code. Area code 816 was one of the first area codes created in 1947. It is one of three original area codes in the North American Numbering Plan. 


Kansas is the largest city in Area Code 816

Area code 816 was created in 1991. Kansas City is the main center and is home to the largest city in Missouri, Kansas. The area code includes 16 cities, here some : St. Joseph (Leavenworth), Warrensburg, Atchison, and Liberty. 

Kansas City is Independence and also some city like Gladstone and Blue Springs, grain valley, platte, Harrisonville, Kearney; and Independence (second largest in the state). Missouri uses the area code primarily to provide the best and most reliable services.

The code was set to expire in 2008 but was solved with the introduction of the 816 code. This code was introduced to provide the highest quality and most advanced services to residents of the county and people from Missouri.

Blue Springs is best place to start business

Blue Springs is located in Jackson County, Missouri, USA. The population was 16,895 as of 2010. It is the third-largest city in Kansas City Metropolitan Area, and its suburb is the largest. 

In the town, Blue Springs is running and established. Blue Springs, MO, has been receiving a lot of attention recently. 

There are many reasons for this. However, although Blue Springs, a suburb of Kansas City, has been ranked the best place. To start a small business, it’s also one of the most dangerous places in the country. so why Blue Springs is a great place and time zone to start small businesses and the dangers of living there.
The 816 area code is a good choice if you’re looking for a new area number for your business. It includes the cities of Hannibal and Columbia as well as Jefferson City and lone jack etc.

816 is good option if you are looking for a new Area number

The 816 area code is a good option if you’re looking for a new area number for your business. The eastern part of state of missouri, including Hannibal and Columbia, Jefferson City. Area code 816 is covering St. Louis.

  In 1999, Missouri give an Additional area code. The 816 area codes are toll-free and do not have overlays. The Mississippi River divides the city of St. Louis, with the eastern portion of the town. It is located in the 816 area codes and the western half in the 314 area codes.

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