979 Area Code El Campo

As you can see, the 979 area code is quite large. If you find yourself with a 979 code, you already have a lot of options to choose from. This should lead to a more efficient routing of calls to the right destination. There are also a lot of area code numbers available, which is always a good thing for a business. Businesses in the 979 code have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a phone number

979 Area Code El Campo​

Avoid Confusion

When you have an important business call to make, it’s important to use the right phone number that goes with the area you’re in. When you call a company in the 979 area code, for example, you need to dial 1 before the nine.

This is a good tip to remember, dime box because you may not want to hang up and redial if you forget to do that. By using the right phone number, it can help you avoid confusion and stay on the line while you transfer your call to the right person.


If you have been searching for a 979 phone number, you have probably realized that they are very difficult to come by. In order to provide you with the best 979 phone number available, lake Jackson, Eagle lake we have set up a toll-free line that will connect you to the right person in your area. 

This number is the quickest way to get the answer to your question. While there are many businesses that are involved in this type of activity Brenham Bryan, you can still find the best 979 code numbers from the very best companies out there.

History Of 979 Area Code

The 979 area code is located geographically in the state of Texas and was created by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) on October 1, 1999. The region includes the following counties: Angleton Bay City, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, la Grange and Harris. A total of 20 cities are  the 979 code. The largest city is Missouri City, TX with 17,837,Eagle lake ,west point followed by Houston, TX with 1,886,475. The code of 979 is located in the state of Texas. The 979 code has a radius of roughly 910.84 miles.

 The 979 contains  12 counties and the largest county by population is Harris County with a population of 4,224,814 and the smallest county by population is Matagorda County with a population of 5,871. The code has a total land area of 43,946.14 square miles and has a density of 147.45 sq/mi. There are 4,344,982 housing units in the 979 code.

 The  area code is a non- overlay area code and has 410,474 landline phone services. The 979 area code has a population density of 3.2 people per sq/mi. The 979 has a median age of 36

Geographic Location

Area codes are specific to the geographic location of the area. They are typically based on location names and any numbers that are unused are assigned to the next code. It is important to note that the 979 area does not serve the whole state of Texas. It is typically used in the eastern portion of the state and is considered a part of the 972 code. This area code was established in 1997 and was created out of the Dallas area.

The 979 code covers the same as the 916 code. Both are located in northern California. The  code is a relatively small area code in California, with only 5 cities. The 916 code is the most populous area code in California, East Bernard, College Station with the most calls placed to the area code. The 979  was created on November 1, 1997. 

The Code was created when the original 976 Area was split in two. The 979 Code locates in the eastern part of the state and serves the larger cities like Beaumont, West Columbia and Port Arthur. The 979 is also known as the Beaumont Area Code and the Southeast Texas.

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