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Airbnb Automatic SMS communications & support clarify accommodation bookings for owners & visitors

Airbnb allows individual homeowners and investment assets to rent out additional space to tourists attending for a hotel option. With SMS, tourists seeing for affordable, productive, or unique lodgings use Airbnb to get speedy answers to booking inquiries.

It is correctly matching passengers and owners for different journey adventures.

Airbnb provides owners with a possible vacancy, or home to post listings that likely customers are viewing for a home to stay can use filters to explore by town, nation, cost, and opening type to find exactly the sort of room that satisfies their requirements. Once customers have obtained a place they’d want to stay, they interact with the owner through the website or mobile app to achieve the features of the booking.

“We often had to resort to manually calling hosts who had not responded and asking them to confirm or deny the request,” said Naomi Arnold, customer service, Airbnb. “Dedicating staff to manually calling hosts takes away from their ability to handle customer support, which is a costly distraction.”

When owners get a booking inquiry by Airbnb, they have 32 hours to take or reject the booking offer. Generally, owners are not at their computer and can’t respond immediately, even if they want to verify the booking. Airbnb needed a way to expedite better user encounter.

Automating an excellent user experience

Airbnb chose SMS to automate mobile interaction between rental owners and possible customers using text messaging. If an owner has not replied to a request, they receive automatic SMS communication from Airbnb with data on the guests, the duration of the asked stay, and the price for the visit. They can then immediately respond with a text.

“We have hosted all over the globe, and they always have their phones with them,” explained Arnold. “By allowing them to accept requests via SMS; we have significantly improved the percentage of successful bookings while saving countless hours of manual calling.”

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, around the world. Better user experience equals better business.

Airbnb knows that actual user action can turn into more bookings for owners. Allowing hosts to verify a booking with their mobile phones has raised the number of prosperous bookings and enhanced the exposure for possible guests because they don’t have to pause as long-drawn to hear back on a reservation.

“As a small company, the cost of implementing an SMS infrastructure by ourselves would have been impossible,” said Arnold. “Twilio allowed us to use SMS with our customers and get up and running quickly, without putting a dent in our expenses.”

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