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What is VoipTraffic?

VoIP traffic is the platinum class service provider of VoIP Termination service provider. My Country Mobile is providing customers with the cheapest costs for international VoIP calls over A to Z Country. VoIP Calls continue performing into the MCM interface, also approaching every country worldwide.

VoIP traffic stops high amounts of telecommunication traffic globally. Because of MCM’s significant business under wholesale VoIP Minutes, MCM has fantastic international call rates in the market. Also, they can transfer these profits to MCM Customers.

VoIP traffic presents Wholesale VoIP Termination towards the standard PSTN interconnects with multiple several Top leading telecom companies. It has a unique smart setup system that utilizes for every inbound call with a good route with available routes at the moment. And VoIP Traffic provides proper impartial wholesale VoIP termination services in the VoIP Market with the lowest cost possible with excellent setup.

Types of VoIP Traffic

There are two types of VoIP traffic which are Audio Traffic and Control Traffic:

  • Audio Traffic: Audio Traffic is entirely for audio calls. When calls set up with the SIP, after that, two sides started connecting audio traffic with different lines over the traffic SIP. An individual VoIP call needed four lines in the server. Where two ports are for sending, and two ports are for receiving on each side of the communications.
  • Control Traffic: Control Traffic is also known as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). This kind of traffic utilized to register expansions with the servers and also to connect inbound and outbound calls. And also handle traffic who don’t have any audio on the call.

What is VoIP traffic termination? Who can use it?

We transfer international VoIP traffic globally. And Profit of MCM large-scale range of businesses and interconnect carriers around the world and also give your clients with the best quality terminus.

  • Organizations preparing to give switching solution and hosted billing/ASP
  • Wholesale VoIP service providers or any businesses with complicated network support
  • Switch Customers are attending to propose a worldwide call network to associate service providers
  • Wholesale Customers wanting to get connected via SIP-based VoIP service provider
  • VoIP Customers who are inquiring associates between external service providers

Wholesale VoIP Termination Service

VoIP traffic is the fastest growing in the Wholesale VoIP Termination service provider. MCM interconnected with various world’s advance telecom customers.

My Country Mobile is one of the largest VoIP service providers in the VoIP market, and My Country Mobile gives fantastic voice termination price in the telecom business, throughout this, we interconnected with over 1000 carriers. And we are also providing the highest-quality voice termination services VoIP market.

My Country Mobile VoIP Routes and service are provided to all small businesses, ISPs, VoIP Carriers, VoIP providers, SIP service providers, phone calls, protocol sip, voice communications, call quality, payment methods, incoming calls, voice over IP, real time, wholesale carriers, and VoIP service providers. And also call workshops that are checking for best wholesale voice termination.

If you are searching for a Wholesale VoIP Termination Service, then this is one of the best alternatives for you. It has the same advantages as the one offered by the company which you purchased.

You will enjoy most benefits of a service, if you purchase the right equipment and give the company a chance to deliver it. But, you should be prepared to face some tough situations in the long run. Wholesale VoIP Termination Service provides you a very safe and secure connection. You can make use of the best technology to get the connection which is more reliable and efficient than what you can get from the service provider.

Moreover, you will enjoy the benefit of a wide range of features and services in a single package. You can experience and enjoy your mobile and computer usage while staying connected through a secured and fast connection. This will save you a lot of money that you could have spent on purchasing other kinds of connectivity services.

Wholesale VoIP Termination Service is always reliable and will help you have a very secure and sound communication line with the companies that you have already established business relations with. It offers you the best of benefits such as unlimited calls with no extra charge, call management, call tracking, auto attendant facility, call transfer, advanced VoIP calling and much more. The experts at the firm will provide you with call handling, so that you will not have to worry about your voice clarity.

The company will also help you to achieve cost reduction and they will offer you the facility of free calling for a period of six months. Thus, you can enjoy a very cheap and easy service.

The prices of the services are extremely low and they can be purchased as part of a whole. The range of the services is also quite diverse and you can avail of a variety of benefits from the wide range of services.

You will enjoy the facility of free calling even if you do not use the connection for any long time and the cost per call will be very low. The call handling facility is also available at very low rates and you can enjoy your own use of Call-Manager software which is very user friendly.

With the help of Call Manager you can use your mobile devices to make calls and can enjoy a high quality of service at low costs. You can enjoy the entire service without facing any technical problems which would otherwise be a problem while using your existing connection.

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