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Asterisk I

Every single Asterisk I contexts at extensions.conf could possess an’I’ expansion. That’ utilized.

For extensions that are invalid, I emails, non-existing extensions supplied with customers.

You’d feel that Asterisk would jump into the’ extension in the event your consumer dials a few who isn’t match with every additional extension. However, it doesn’t. Just take This Easy illustration:

In case your customer dials’inch’ or’two’, all is perfect; then they genuinely are attach to the proper SMS expansion. However, should they dial-up’3′, then Asterisk will perhaps not leap into their’ development and later play with the”PBX-invalid” audio document.

The’I” extension simply will get fire whenever there exists an instant or enter signal left out of’desktop’. You may set a’exten => I,1…’ to prompt for wrong keypresses — insult an individual and therefore forth. It will work should somebody simply dials something erroneous.

Where is the initial amount?

The initial quantity dial located at the station factor $undefin

Substitute to I

Add a split up (!) Circumstance including underneath to capture other = non-existing extensions:



Just for maybe not trapping in an identical extension if an individual pops (if maybe not set Ah expansion ), then

you could use _X. As an alternative of _. That means you simply capture the numerical phone calls (X 0. .9 and perhaps not h, I whatever).

Substitute Perhaps Not with’s’

It functions fantastic!

Howto get” Functioning in your Dialplan

Therefore right after much heartache and lugging around I’ve figured out how howto has an” expansion to enrol with your display. The issue is the fact that if a station enters a circumstance, it will not honour’s’ for any rationale. However, if you utilize to employing macro and Goto/GoSub you are going to recognize the” extension performs out there. The remedy would be to Goto/GoSub out of the stub expansion into a valid extension.

For example if a SIP end users wind up at a context-named”sip-users” you are able to configure. see also Driving Directions Bing