How can I interconnect with you?

We would need your full living address and your switch IP. Once we get this, one of our sales managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.

What services do you offer?

We offer voice termination service at the wholesale level and also provide wholesale DIDs (Virtual Telephone Numbers) (DDI).

Why can't I sign up online?

MCM service, our goal is to offer our customers a customized solution. We will review your business and come up with a personalized solution. To help make the process easier, we also offer a free no-obligation account plus a $10 appreciation credit that you can use to test out the service and try our routes.

Are there any minimums or commitments?

We usually require a minimum payment of $100 in other to fund a prepaid account for you, but to get the best pricing, we do ask for a volume forecast.

Note that the prepaid service is offered on a pay as you go model

How do I sign up?

That’s very easy because all the customer needs to do is to fill the registration form on our website which will ask for your email, first name/last name, phone number, and country you’re currently located.

What currencies do you support?

We support both USD currency on the out platform

Can I test your service first before committing?

Yes, we offer a free and no-obligation test account to all customers. This speaks volumes of the confidence we have in our service, so you’ve nothing to lose.

What types of payment methods do you offer?

MCM is a prepaid service. We offer payment by PayPal, credit card, debit card, and Bank Transfer.

Whereby can I see your rates?

We provide you a trial account and a full list of our price rates. We would also need to know what countries or location you’re interested in and to you monthly volumes for each.

Do I get an account manager that I can talk to directly?

Yes, on our platform, every account gets assigned an account manager whose duty to assist and attend to any issue you may have. You can easily see your account manager’s contact details on your account portal.

What Codec are you supported?

Our System is supporting all types of Codec.

Do you support FAX T.38?

Yes we support both codecs for fax transition t.38 and G711

Do you have a web portal where I can manage my business and see reports?

Yes, every account on our platform gets access to their very own user portal, where you can view reports, news, current rates, ticketing, troubleshooting, and lots more.

Do you have an app?

We’re currently working on our app and would launch it pretty soon, but for now, our responsive portal can serve you wholeheartedly and works well on all mobile devices.

I am a reseller. Do you have a reseller panel?

We currently don’t offer a reseller program as we only sell directly at the moment.

What are your requirements for having an account?

All we need is your company’s information and your contact details (which include name, email, phone, and country) and your switch IP to open an account.

Do you provide or sell switches?

No, but we do offer great referrals. If you would like to discuss, please ask one of the regional sales managers to contact you.

I used to have an account before but haven't used it in a while. Can I reopen it?

Absolutely! Please contact your account number.

Does my account expire?

Yes, if there is no billing activity/ traffic activity for 90 days, the account will be closed. We do send out notifications along the way to alert you in advance

How do I cancel an account?

Please reach out to the account manager attached to your account, and he would be more than willing to help you out.