Outbound Calls FAQ

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Can clients predict emergency numbers with My Country Mobile products and services?


What's your setup up course of action whenever you will find ending user enrollment requirements included?

Predicated on nation particular policies, a few virtual statistics require that the virtual amount consumer is positioned inside of an identical place whilst the numbers they’re acquiring.

What Exactly Is Fail-over / Redundant Routing?

Fail-over or Redundant routing can be just a system structure with different connections and avenues between your individual who puts a telephone and also the telephone receiver.

What's the Distinction between IVR and ACD routing?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that allows users (usually callers) to obtain information from a phone system without the assistance of an operator)

Will the IVR system be integrated with additional software and hardware applications?

Open standards IVR systems can be incorporated with other applications your company already uses.

Include basic information like business name, operation hours, company address, and if applicable support contact number or email.

How Testing your IVR?

Time to react: How long can they invest on the IVR platform before they reach a broker? When you telephone your IVR platform and select a choice which should take you to a live agent, how long do you wait on hold? In the event the average hold time is too long, then you might want to reassess your phone routing settings, or even reevaluate your agent program.

Will your cloud-based IVR work with my current phone system?

Yes, our cloud IVR works over the very top of any existing mobile system or as a stand-alone call management solution.

What is a virtual attendant?

Virtual attendant allows you to construct telephone menu systems, include call menus, transfer to voicemail, and also the flexibility to produce and program principles to deal with all of these features.

Assist! I'm enduring poor telephone excellent.

Poor telephone quality could be precisely the consequence of many facets; however, essentially the most frequently encountered reason behind inferior telephone quality would be insufficient online bandwidth. To greatly help our customer service workforce decide the reason for the matter, you have to furnish a certain call case.


If you submit an instance to Support, please contain the next advice:

Time and Time of this telephone

The management of this telephone (outbound or inbound )

The amount that has been dialed

The Phoning amount

the Sort of Online connection You’re utilizing

The bandwidth of the net relationship

Exactly what will be different amount forms, the way they do the job as well as disagree?

Global Toll-free Virtual Amount ITFS or global 800 numbers, lets consumers global to accomplish your enterprise with no billing. Certain nations have constraints for phone calls out of portable phones which could include things like surcharges or constrained access.